Go Native!

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Once you have built your own mobile app, it’s time to take it to the next step.  It’s time to Go Native!


A native mobile app is a smartphone application.  It is downloaded from Android and IOS stores directly to the users phone.  JustApps.mobi lets you to convert the web mobile app you created into a native mobile app that can be downloaded from Android and IOS app stores.


You can make adjustments to your apps after submissions to the stores without having to resubmit them.  You are always working live.
All changes and adjustments done to your web app are automatically updated on your native app.
Your app remains live and can be viewed immediately through any browser and on any mobile or tablet, iPhone or iPad. Pressing save updates your app and changes will be viewed immediately in the native app.


There are three key advantages of going native:

  1. Push Notifications.
    Going native gives you access to unlimited push notifications.  This allows you to send direct messages to your users informing them about special offers, promotions, updates…
  2. More Marketing.
    Putting your mobile app on the stores gives you more exposure, enhances your branding image, widens your market reach, and engages a newer and more global audience.
  3. User interaction.
    When you go native, users have the options to snap and send. That is, snap pictures with their mobile phones and then send them to you.


This is a two-step process.

  1. Conversion of mobile app.
    This means we take the mobile app that you created, ‘wrap it up’ so to speak, and send you a link to download. You only need to convert your app once.  App conversion is a free service offered by JustApps.mobi.
  2. Submissions to the app stores.
    You must create a developers account* on Android and IOS app stores before submitting your apps. You must prepare the app icon and app splash pages.  Now you are ready to submit your mobile app to Android and IOS app stores.  Make sure you read the rules on how to submit your app and follow them .  There is usually a two week wait period, so don’t think about it too much. Make sure there are no empty pages or pages with dummy data before submitting to any stores otherwise your mobile app may be rejected.  Once approved, your app can be downloaded on most mobiles & tablets.


We can take all that headache off your hands if you want.  JustApps.mobi offers app conversion and submissions to Android and IOS stores under our accounts completely free.

To submit under your account** there is an extra fee of only $100.  This is a one time payment per app.


*Cost of developer accounts on Google Play ($35 fee) and Apple Developers ($99/year)
**Cost of developer accounts are not included in our fees.